Indonesian Ambassador to China Visits CanSino SPH Biologics

Indonesian Ambassador to China H.E. Djauhari Oratmangun, Indonesian Consul General in Shanghai Deny Wachyudi Kurnia, Chairman of the China-Indonesia Chamber of Commerce Liky Sutikno visited the vaccine manufacturing facility of CanSino SPH Biologics Inc. (“CanSino SPH”) on Sunday, November 7. The delegation met with CanSinoBIO’s and CanSino SPH’s executives, including Co-founder, Executive Vice President and Executive Director of CanSinoBIO and Chairman of CanSino SPH, Dr. Qiu Dongxu, Vice President of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals and Vice Chairman of CanSino SPH, Zhang Yaohua, General Manager of CanSino SPH, Ju Shu, General Manager of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals’ International Business Division, Yan Jun  and Vice President of CanSinoBIO’s International Business, Wang Hongyi.

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Ambassador Oratmangun highly praised CanSinoBIO’s innovative design concepts and practical applicability in its vaccine development, and expressed full recognition of the great importance of the vaccine industry to public health. Ambassador Oratmangun encouraged the CanSinoBIO team to continue its fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic, achieve more scientific breakthroughs, continue to develop innovative products for the world and contribute to further accelerating the recovery of the global economy. Ambassador Oratmangun expressed his hope and anticipation for the rollout of the inhaled vaccine, and stated his willingness to relay the latest research results to the Indonesian Ministry of Health and other relevant institutions.

At the meeting, Dr. Qiu Dongxu extended a warm welcome to Ambassador Oratmangun and his delegation and presented to them the progress of the phase I and phase II clinical studies of the inhaled COVID-19 vaccine Convidecia®. The latest data showed that CanSinoBIO’s inhaled vaccine is extremely safe, and provided a 300-fold increase in neutralizing antibody levels if taken as a booster shot following the inoculation of two doses of inactivated vaccines. In addition, the inhaled vaccine can eliminate respiratory viruses thereby significantly reducing the spread of the virus.

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Yan Jun, on behalf of CanSino SPH, reported on the product progress, talent development, quality control, and information tracking system at CanSino SPH. This was followed by an on-site tour of the intelligent vaccine manufacturing platform for Ambassador Oratmangun and his team to learn about the vaccine production process in detail. The tour included an in-depth discussion of the latest data on CanSinoBIO’s inhaled vaccine.

In September 2021, the National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Indonesia (BPOM) issued an emergency use authorization for CanSinoBIO’s COVID-19 Vaccine Convidecia® after completing in-depth research on its safety, efficacy and quality.

In the first half of 2021, CanSinoBIO and Shanghai Pharmaceuticals co-founded CanSino SPH as a COVID-19 vaccine production base in Shanghai, with Adenovirus vector technology as the core technological platform to safeguard supply guarantee of COVID-19 vaccines for the global market.

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CanSinoBIO’s inhaled version of its COVID-19 vaccine Convidecia® atomizes the vaccine into tiny particles by using a nebulizer, which can be inhaled through the respiratory tract and lungs, thereby stimulating mucosal, humoral and cellular immunity with added layer of protection. Currently, the research and development of the inhaled vaccine has milestone achievement, and can be used for emergency use worldwide on account of its advantages of painless vaccination and higher accessibility. CanSinoBIO is committed to continuing to explore the optimal COVID-19 vaccination strategy for China and the world, making continuous contributions in the global fight against the pandemic.