CanSinoBIO Executives Talk with WHO Experts on the Development Progress of Polio Vaccines

Recently, CanSino Biologics Inc. (CanSinoBIO) held talks with Dr. Ondrej Mach, Research and Product Development Team Lead of the WHO’s Polio Department, and Dr. Martin Eisenhawer, research and product development scientist of the WHO’s Polio Department, for enhancing international cooperation on the development of its Recombinant Poliomyelitis Vaccine (VLP-Polio) and working together to promote global epidemic prevention and control.

CanSinoBIO executives including Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Dr. Yu Xuefeng, Chief Operating Officer Dr. Chao Shoubai, Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Zhu Tao, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs Department Dr. Jean-Denis Shu, and Vice President of R&D Department Dr. Xin Chunlin hosted the visitors as company representatives.


At the meeting, the leader of the VLP-Polio project from CanSinoBIO presented the progress of this project, including the clinical trials result, and the future development plan. Both Dr. Mach and Dr. Eisenhawer highly recognized the efforts and achievements of CanSinoBIO in helping to eradicate polio across the world. They also shared the WHO will continue focusing on the development of VLP-Polio, and supporting international cooperation on the vaccine development, production and distribution, to ensure the VLP-Polio vaccine accessibility and safety worldwide.


At the meeting, Dr. Yu mentioned that CanSinoBIO has been actively involved in the WHO's polio eradication strategy, and has kept a close watch on the vaccination need in various countries and regions around the world. CanSinoBIO began to develop a next-generation polio vaccine using the virus-like particle technology about ten years ago. The VLP-Polio does not rely on live viruses for its production process, making it a safer option with enhanced immunogenicity. It is expected to help eliminate polio worldwide.


CanSinoBIO’s VLP-Polio also got great support and sponsorship from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and is currently in the Phase I clinical trial in Australia. In the future, it can be used not only as a single vaccine, but also as part of combination vaccines to be upgraded. This exciting product will help expedite polio eradication globally.

After the meeting, Dr. Mach and Dr. Eisenhawer visited the vaccine production facility of CanSinoBIO, and also explored more about the company’s research lab for the VLP-Polio vaccine, pilot plant and commercial production capacity.

Poliomyelitis, or Polio, is an infectious disease caused by the poliovirus that mostly affects children under the age of 5. There is no cure for polio at present, and vaccination remains the most effective way to prevent the disease.


Thanks to global cooperation and extensive vaccination over the past 30 years, the incidence of polio has been reduced by more than 99.9%. The world has never been closer to the ultimate goal of eradicating polio.However, the production process of the polio vaccines currently available on the market involves the production of live viruses, so there is still a gap in its total eradication. To this end, CanSinoBIO and its partners around the world are striving to rewrite human history by eradicating polio from the Earth and making it the second human infectious disease that eventually disappeared from the Earth after smallpox.

Eradicating polio is crucial for everyone, and the final part of this journey will undoubtedly be challenging. CanSinoBIO remains committed to providing innovative, high-quality and affordable vaccines for the world. The company is dedicated to collaborating with the global community to eliminate polio-related disability or death, and to promote “innovation for a safer world”.