• Technology platforms
    Synthetic biotechnology
    Our Synthetic vaccine technology and process know-how enable us to manufacture a wide range of conjugate vaccines. In addition to commonly used DT and TT carrier proteins, we have a number of carrier proteins including CRM197, which is produced by our proprietary high-yield bacterial strain and used in our MCV candidates. Our wide range of carrier proteins allows us to develop better multi-v
    Adenovirus-based viral vector technology
    This technology enabled us to translate our globally innovative Ebola virus vaccine from a concept to an approved product in only three years. Our adenovirus-based vector technology is also applied to our TB Booster and other vaccine candidates.
  • Technology platforms
    mRNA vaccine technology
    The mRNA technology has significant advantages in the R&D process and production cycles, including fast, scalable and uniform production. mRNA vaccines use antigen-encoding messenger RNA to induce humoral and cellular immunity through specific delivery systems that enable cells to take up and express the encoded antigen.It can act on intracellular and extracellular targets and express a variety of proteins without entering the nucleus and not requiring in vitro expression and purification. The development of mRNA vaccines only requires the replacement of the antigen sequence on a mature technology platform, which shows great advantages in dealing with public health emergency. CanSinoBIO’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine and other prophylactic virus vaccine candidates are developed upon this platform.
    Protein structure design and VLP assembly
    We have used protein structure design technology to design pneumococcal protein antigens. In addition, we have developed novel recombinant strains to produce a new generation pertussis vaccine. We also developed a proprietary cell line to be used for viral vector production.
  • Technology platforms
    Formulation and drug delivery technology
    Our culture media formulations are free from animal components, and our final product formulations are free from undesired phenol and preservatives. Such characteristics ensure consistent product quality and reduce potential risks of side effects.