• Technology platforms
    Synthetic biotechnology
    Polysaccharide vaccines are subunit vaccines for the prevention of infection against different bacterial pathogens, which are safe and efficacious. The technologies for the development and manufacturing of polysaccharide vaccines, which include polysaccharide antigen production, carrier protein production, polysaccharide-protein conjugation, as well as analytical techniques for intermediates and conjugates characterization and testing, have been well established in the company. We have also developed several carrier proteins which can be used to produce different glycoconjugate vaccines. The selection of appropriate carrier proteins and conjugation technologies is critical to reduce immune interference and ensure the immunogenicity of the vaccine. Our synthetic vaccine technology provides a technological foundation for the development of better multi-valent and combined vaccines.
    Adenovirus-based viral vector technology
    Viral vector vaccine production technology is based on using a defective or extremely weak virus as a delivery vehicle for vaccines, introducing specific antigens into the human immune system to stimulate the formation of immune protection against specific diseases. Vaccines developed through this technology can rapidly stimulate the body to produce high levels of humoral immunity and generate strong cellular immunity. If administered through the mucosa, it can induce the body to produce a mucosal immune response. CanSinoBIO has established mature viral vector packaging technology, high cell density production process technology, and analytical characterization technology, enabling the rapid development of high-yield, quality-assured viral vector products using different cell substrates to meet various demands.
  • Technology platforms
    mRNA and LNP technology
    mRNA vaccines deliver mRNA encoding pathogen antigen proteins into human cells through specific delivery methods. They utilize the cell's own mechanisms to translate and produce antigen proteins, inducing antigen-specific immune responses. The mRNA vaccine technology boasts significant advantages, including rapid production cycles, scalable manufacturing, and independence from protein conformation or location, without the need to enter the nucleus, conduct in vitro protein expression, or protein purification. Therefore, it allows for a fast response to emerging infectious diseases and tailored drug targets. CanSinoBIO has established a universal development and manufacturing platform for mRNA technology, which has successfully achieved industrial scale-up.
    Protein structure design and VLP assembly
    The function of antigen is highly dependent on the three-dimensional structure of the protein. CanSinoBIO has built a computer-aided vaccine design platform. Based on the platform we can predict the protein structure, epitope, immunogenicity, stability, interactions, and other important characteristics from DNA sequences. We have used the technology to design pneumococcal protein antigens and develop new recombinant strains to produce a new generation of pertussis vaccines and so on.Virus-Like Particle (VLP) vaccines is assembled from recombinant expressed structural protein to form a unique spatial three-dimensional structure. The 3D structure of VLP vaccine is similar to that of most infectious viral pathogens, and can mimic the viral pathogens to present the antigen epitope to the immune system. Therefore, VLP vaccines can be easily recognized by the immune system and have high immunogenicity. CanSinoBIO has established a multi-subunit VLP expression platform through computer-aided antigen design technology, and has strong capabilities in VLP vaccine development, production, characterization and analysis.
  • Technology platforms
    Formulation and drug delivery technology
    Vaccine is kind of bioprodoct with the complex compositions. A thorough study and understanding of vaccine formulation are essential to ensure its safety, efficacy, and stability. CanSinoBIO is committed to doing the research of vaccine preparation to make the products to be free of phenol and preservatives free. This feature ensures a stable product quality and reduces the risk of potential side effects. Currently, we have established the development technology for vaccine preparation, new adjuvants and delivery systems, and also has a complete and advanced technology platforms for preparation, adjuvant preparation, delivery system and evaluation platform for mucosal drug.