CanSinoBIO Joins Hands with BIRD-C to Explore BGs Based Vaccine Solutions

TIANJIN, CHINA, June 20, 2019, CANSINO BIOLOGICS INC. (CanSinoBIO, HK6185) announced today that it has entered into a Research and Development Collaboration Agreement with BIRD-C, an Austrian biotech company and one of the world leaders of bacterial ghosts (BGs) technology, to explore new strategies for vaccines based on bacterial ghost system.

BGs are cell envelops derived from Gram-negative bacteria and are ideally suited as promising antigens and delivery vehicles for advanced vaccine solutions.

With the agreement, the two companies commit to start their collaboration first with professional knowledge and experience exchanges and to roll onto strategic cooperation in research, development and commercialization of new vaccines.

By collaborating with one another, the companies aim to explore BGs (i) as standalone adjuvant to CanSinoBIO’s vaccines, and (ii) as bacterial antigens expressing directly in E. coli carrier to produce new vaccines.


 “At CanSinoBIO, our development strategy is focused on integrating the most promising technologies in the world, regardless of whether they are found inside or outside our laboratories”, said Shoubai Chao, Chief Operating Officer of CanSinoBIO. “By collaborating with BIRD-C, we hope to leverage our leading development and commercialization capabilities to find ways to new and better vaccines for the ultimate goal of public health and security”.

Werner Lubitz, CEO of BIRD-C, added: “Bird-C as an innovation and research driven company for vaccine development found in CanSinoBIO a reliable fully integrated vaccine manufacturer to develop in close collaboration novel vaccines against infectious diseases. It is my conviction that together we can exploit our expertise and knowhow creating new vaccines to find valuable and useful solutions which can be commercialized in an international market.”

About CanSino Biologics Inc.

Incorporated in 2009, CanSinoBIO (6185.HK) commits to research, production and commercialization of innovative vaccines for China and global public health security. It possesses four integrated platform technologies including adenovirus-based vectors, conjugation, protein design and recombination and formulation. As of today, it has established a robust pipeline of 15 vaccines covering 12 diseases, including a globally innovative Ebola virus vaccine approved for marketing in 2017.


About BIRD-C

BIRD-C is a company with limited liability incorporated in Vienna, Austria and offers solutions for delivery of biologically active substances, vaccines and adjuvants against emerging and existing infectious and life-threatening diseases with focus on BGs cancer immunotherapy.