Areas of Focus

Our focus is innovative and high-quality vaccine for human use. We are dedicated to applying our expertise from antigen discovery, antigen expression, purification and formulation to pre-clinical evaluation, production process development and assay development.

Our team works with cutting-edge equipment and lab resources  for microbiology, molecular cell biology, immunology and biochemistry.  We also maintain top-notch animal research facilities. 

Up to now, CanSinoBIO's R&D team has nurtured a strong pipeline over the years. We have an impressive array of vaccine candidates currently undergoing clinical studies, including Ad5-nCoV, TB vaccines, PBPV, PCV13i  and DTcP, etc. In addition, we have six vaccine candidates remain in the pre-clinical development stage. 

Based on the recombinant technology, we have engineered a number of vaccine-producing bacterial strains which allow us to accomplish exceptionally high vaccine yields while simplifying overall manufacturing processes.