Corporate Culture



R A I S E -Respect

15331128452317.png  Equality by Personality: Do not insult others; Do not apply inappropriate pressure on others; Treating everyone fairly (with respect)

15331128452317.png  Put yourself in other people’s shoes to bring out the best in others 

15331128452317.png  Everyone is entitled to respect, and should not be judged on the difference of qualifications, work processes and opinions

15331128452317.png  Treat others truthfully and integrally

15331128452317.png  Listen and respond to concerns when they are raised

15331128452317.png  Do not discriminate against others on the basis of incompatibility, learn to tolerate each other

15331128452317.png  Everyone’s time is entitled to be treated with courtesy and respect

R A I S E -Agility

15331128452317.png  Fast and accurate execution

15331128452317.png  Responding to sensitive changes in both internal and external environment

15331128452317.png  Strong subjective initiative

15331128452317.png  Flat Management

15331128452317.png  Full Communication and Authorization

15331128452317.png  Fast decision making

15331128452317.png  Willing to take responsibility for the consequence

R A I S E - Innovation 

15331128452317.png  Technology and Product Innovation

15331128452317.png  Process and System Innovation

15331128452317.png  Financial Management and Capital Operation Innovation

15331128452317.png  Marketing and Business Promotion Innovation

R A I S E -  Superior in Quality 

15331128452317.png  Science-based product and process quality

15331128452317.png  Job quality

15331128452317.png  Pharmaceutical industry emphasizes on quality compliance

15331128452317.png  The quality of management practice and system

15331128452317.png  The quality of employees

R A I S E -  Engagement  

15331128452317.png  Ownership

15331128452317.png  Dare to devote and take responsibility