Corporate Profile



dynamic bio-tech  leader blazing new paths in R&D,

manufacturing and commercialisation of vaccine

products for human use.  Founded in the Tianjin

Economic and Technological Development Area (TEDA)

in 2009,  Founders of CanSinoBIO formed a superb

team of scientists and managers who had  previously

held senior management and technical positions at many of the world leading

pharmaceutical companies. To date, the management team has boasted  a proven

track record of success in new drug discovery, development and commercialisation.


In addition, CanSinoBIO’s scientific advisory board is made up of internationally

recognised senior executives and leading members of academia who provide unique

and complementary insights to guide the company’s growth.


Equipped with the latest cutting-edge scientific know-how and technology, CanSinoBIO  

is on a relentless quest to develop high value, high quality vaccines for China and other

emerging countries at an affordable cost.  


We want to lead and foster the Chinese vaccine industry to become  a major contributor

to global public health. CanSinoBIO’s expertise is indeed invaluable for closing the gap

in quality and techniques between the Chinese vaccine industry and world vaccine leaders. 


Currently, we at CanSinoBIO are developing ground-breaking products that are in high

demand but lack sufficient supply or quality. These include products such as quadrivalence

(ACYW135) meningococcal conjugate vaccine, pneumococcal polysaccharide and conjugate

vaccines as well as a DTcP-based combo and other items. At the same time,  we are also

dedicating our efforts  to new vaccine development like recombinant adenovirus vector-based

tuberculosis vaccines and a recombinant protein-based pneumococcal vaccine.


Vaccination is an essential part of effective disease control and prevention. “Our ultimate

goal is to make top quality vaccines accessible to people all over the world.”