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CanSino Submits a Clinical Trial Application for the Component DTP Diptheria Tetanus Pertussis Combo Vaccine (Adults, Teenagers and Children Above 6 Years Old)

August 2nd 2016, Tianjin CanSino submits the Clinical trial application for the component DTP 

combo vaccine and successfully receives the “drug application registration”. This product is the 

first DTP vaccine for adults and teenagers in China. Epidemic investigation data shows that adults 

and teenagers are a group susceptible to high exposure and transmission. Many developed

countries have amended the Expanded Program on Immunizations (EPI) to strengthen the 

immunization of adults and teenagers with the DTP vaccine. However, the current EPI in China 

only covers vaccination with DTP for infants, excluding adults and teenagers. CanSino’s DTP 

vaccine is based on a genetically modified pertussis strain and state of the art fermentation and 

purification processes are able to overcome the current purification defects present in marketed 

products. Current defects include the fact that the antigen cannot be quantified which leads to huge 

differences between batches and a high percentage of adverse effects. The safety and 

immunogenicity of this product was approved in preclinical studies and the quality is well controlled.