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Tdcp Adolescent and Adult


Tdcp Adolescent and Adult is a vaccine being developed by 

us for adolescents and adults (above 10 years old) that protects

 against pertussis, containing slightly increased amount of TT 

antigen to DTcP vaccine candidate for infants, but reduced

 amounts of pertussis and DT antigens. We are developing a Tdcp

 Adolescent and Adult candidate, which is a potential global best-in-class vaccine with a better formulation and immunogenicity compared to world-class vaccines such as Boostrix and Adacel. We expect to file a CTA for our Tdcp Adolescent and Adult candidate in EU by the end of 2018, and commence a phase I clinical trial in the EU in 2019. We plan to file a CTA in China by the end of 2020.