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1533546921133828.jpgPBPV is a globally innovative, serotype-independent 

protein-based pneumococcal vaccine being developed

 by us. PBPV is a potential globally innovative protein-based 

pneumococcal vaccine. Prevnar 13 is the current world-class 

standard for pneumococcal vaccines. However, PCV13 products

 such as Prevnar 13 are serotype-specific, and therefore are effective against only 13 out of 90 plus serotypes. Moreover, conjugation of additional serotypes is technically challenging, therefore limiting the ability to cover additional serotypes. Studies have shown that there is an increase in incidence of pneumococcal diseases caused by serotypes not covered by current PCV13 products, which indicates that the protection offered by PCV13 products is becoming increasingly insufficient. Our PBPV candidate is serotype-independent and has the potential to cover substantially all pneumococcal serotypes, thereby providing greater protection in preventing pneumococcal diseases. We have filed the CTA for our PBPV candidate in 2016. We expect to obtain CTA approval at the end of 2018.